Shalom Wildlife Zoo
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"The Good Sister's Mountain Lion Fundraiser"

A fundraiser has been established for Barabbas, the Cougar, whom resides at Shalom.  The funds will be used for a larger and more natural habitat for him.  The size of expansion will depend solely on the success of the fundraiser. 

Over the past year, some visitors had expressed a desire to see more space for Barabbas. Two visitors, that happened to be sisters, expressed the same desire and took it an extra step.  They made a monetary donation to put toward increasing the cougar's living space.  Therefore, this fundraiser is referred to as the "Good Sister's Mountain Lion Fundraiser".   

In the wild, a male cougar's territory is 58 to 386 square miles.  Shalom Wildlife Zoo is a large zoo with lots of options to improve and expand the cougar habitat.  The larger, the better for Barabbas.  

A cougar can live 10-12 years in the wild and 20 years in captivity.  Barabbas is only 5 years old and has plenty of time to reap the benefits of your donations. 

Our minimum goal is to double his current area of 4,096 cubic feet to 8,192 cubic feet.  Our maximum goal would be to give him more than an acre of land, with nature to explore and a open top fence so he can see the heavens without a barrier. Improvements included in both options will be grasses to smell and roll in, trees and plants to prowl under, and rocks and timbers to sharpen claws and scent mark.

Estimated project expense for minimum goal: 
Fencing and footings         $ 6,998.38  
Lumber materials                $ 1,415.97 
Screws, bolts, hardware    $ 386.14
Trees, shrubs, sod, 
rocks and timbers            + $ 2,875.65
                        Total cost: $ 11,676.14

Labor to be donated by volunteers

Estimated project expense for maximum goal of one acre is $ 98,845.00

Labor to be donated by volunteers

If we can achieve the maximum goal, the bobcat would inherit the current cougar enclosure, greatly increasing and improving his living environment as well.   Updates on the fundraiser will be posted in Shalom's e-newsletters.  

Would you like to help make it happen?  

A monetary donation can be payable and mailed to:            Shalom Wildlife Zoo
                                                                                                         1901 Shalom Drive
                                                                                                         West Bend, WI 53090

All donations of $50.00 or more will be recognized with your name on a plaque at the cougar exhibit.   
Please include with your donation, how you would like your name/s written on the plaque. 

A personal donation, A family donation, A memorial donation, A corporate donation, A school donation....