Have a Wild Birthday at Shalom Wildlife Zoo!
Want your child to have an unforgettable birthday? Come to Shalom Wildlife Zoo for an incredible adventure! Go on safari through the woods, feed a deer, hang out with zebras, explore Native American artifacts, and meet some bears! Maybe even have a wild animal encounter and pet a fox or tortoise?

Wouldn’t that be thrilling way to spend a birthday!
​Hundreds of people celebrate their birthday at Shalom Wildlife Zoo each year. You have two options for your celebration.

Plan Your Own Party: You are welcome to come on your own and utilize our facility for your celebration by paying the general admission rate ($12 adult, $10 senior/teen, $8 child.) If you have a group of 20 or more, we offer a discount of $1.00 per person off our entry fees when tickets are purchased 3 days in advance. Your group may bring food or utilize new Grizzly Grill Restaurant. Enjoy your cake and gift opening at one of our many outdoor picnic areas. No reservations needed. Do your own planning and we'll see you on your special day.

Planned Party Package: Here at Shalom Wildlife, we also offer an exclusive package for your special day. It includes a memorable zookeeper guided animal encounter, food, drink, food to feed some of our animals and reservation of the picnic tables near our two fun loving bears Lewis and Clark and the playground! Click HERE to learn more about this package and sign up your party for an enjoyable time without the hassle of planning your own party!