May  & June
"Springtime Adventure"
Summer fun!  Explore the trails in July & August. Discover amazing facts about our animals while collecting souvenirs. Sika and Fallow Deer are being born! 
Sept. & Oct.
"Fall Explorers"  
July & August
"Scavenger Hunt"
Tour the zoo and watch different animal behaviors as winter approaches. Enjoy fall colors. Deer, Elk and Bison are most active in this season. While on your journey through the woods, don't forget your souvenirs.

It's baby season at the zoo!  Whitetail deer fawns, baby elk and bison calves are due to arrive.  Stroll the trails in search for baby animals for a lasting memory of your trip. An adventure for the whole family!
"Every Month Brings Different Things to Enjoy!"
November 16 - December 31
      "Christmas at the zoo"
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               Christmas at the zoo