Planning a Visit to Shalom?  
There are 3-4 miles of gravel road to explore. Wear good hiking shoes. Bring a 
large wheel stroller or 
wagon for the kids.  

Scooters and electric wheelchairs are welcome, too. The zoo road is gravel and is on natural terrain, which means there may be some mild inclines.
The average time to walk the gravel roads is at least two hours or more.  It's highly recommended to bring a beverage and snack to keep hydrated and your 
energy level up. 
Carry-in's are allowed 
or you may purchase 
food and/or drink in our 
Grizzly Grill or Gift Shop.
If you are not a walker or can not walk the distance, we have golf carts available for an extra $30 (2 hr rental) during our summer/fall season.

Golf carts are 4 passenger vehicles, you must have a valid drivers license to 
drive cart & we do not
take reservations. 
(Tip: If you come right when we open, on a weekday or during major sporting events, there probably won't be a wait.) 
There is animal feed to purchase in the gift shop upon check in. 

"Feed me" signs
will inform you to which animals can be fed.
Always come prepared, dress for the weather. We are open rain or shine! 

Sun protection is recommended. Hats are a good idea to shade from the sun along with sun screen. Mosquitoes are usually NOT a problem, although if you are sensitive you may consider insect repellent. 
No Pets or Service animals permitted into the zoo. Dogs frighten many of
our zoo animals due
to natural predator-
prey behavior.
There are outside picnic areas throughout the zoo bringing along a pic a nic basket full of goodies from home.

Enjoy breakfast, lunch, or a snack at The Grizzly Grill. 
Parking is free.
​Always, wash your hands after touching animals, especially before eating.