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Are you looking for a perfect  field trip?  Visit Shalom Wildlife Zoo!
"Wisconsin's Wildest Zoo"
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Come and experience the Self-Guided Educational Walking Tour at Shalom Wildlife Zoo.  

​ Imagine arriving with your students to a nature center to learn about our natural world. As your group journeys down the gravel road, you notice a herd of American Bison grazing on the prairie, Brown Bears playing and swimming in a pond, Wolves peeking at your group from the top of a ridge. The excitement goes on and on.  

  Experience “nature at its best” in an environment where “learning is fun”. This is what Shalom Wildlife Zoo, Wisconsin’s Wildest Zoo, is all about! 

  A visit to Shalom Wildlife Zoo will install a lifetime of environmental awareness for your students. They will see deer, elk, bison, wolves, bear and much more. Educational signs and markers are located on your journey along with plenty of fun facts. 

  Hand feeding our friendly animals along the trail and those that are in the petting zoo area is always a highlight of everyone's day, increasing sensitivity between students and their environment.  

  Visit the five hands-on Learning Centers: 
1.) Mammal Learning Center 
2.) Bird Learning Center 
3.) Reptile Learning Center 
4.) Insect and Butterfly Learning Center 
5.) Deer Learning Center. 

  Free souvenirs are always found to help your students remember what is learned, keeping the excitement level high.

We often have adults tell us that Shalom Wildlife was their favorite school field trip when they were a child. 
The best field trip, ever!
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Your students will love it!